As another exciting season of college basketball approaches, the Temple Owl Club wants to personally thank you for your support of Temple Men’s Basketball and requests your cooperation in promoting good sportsmanship.

You are Temple’s most visible fans. We are asking that you and anyone who utilizes your courtside seats display the highest level of sportsmanship at all times. Out of our continued commitment and concern for the safety, welfare and respect of our coaches, student-athletes and officials, those individuals who sit in such close proximity to the court must be held to a higher level of responsibility for actions and conduct before, during, and after games. Please adhere to the following courtside seating rules:

  • Courtside Club credential should be worn at all times. The credential will provide access to the court level, your seat, and the Courtside Club hospitality room. Sit only in your ticketed seat and be prepared to present your ticket and credential if requested to do so.
  • Children under 10 years of age are not permitted to sit courtside without constant supervision to avoid injury to them and to our student-athletes. Any child 10 years of age or older seated courtside must have a ticket and credential and sit in his/her ticketed seat, not on the lap of a guest.
  • Demonstrate respect for the game officials, players, coaches, staff and fellow fans. Profanity, taunting or threatening remarks or actions will not be tolerated by officials and is grounds for ejection from the game.
  • Do not enter the court or throw objects onto the court. Doing so will be grounds for ejection from the game.
  • Remain seated while the game is in progress. Should you need to leave, please exit only during a timeout. Standing for extended periods of time while the ball is in play is prohibited.
  • Flash photography and video recording are strictly prohibited.
  • Refrain from interfering with the progress of the game or exhibiting disruptive behavior, including displaying signs or wearing clothing with obscene or indecent messages.
  • If you are enjoying a beverage, please be alert so that you do not spill if a basketball or student-athlete comes toward you. Please drink alcohol responsibly.
  • For the safety of our student-athletes, please refrain from having items at your seat that could cause injury or harm.
  • Please ask your guests to refrain from wearing opposing school apparel on the court and in the courtside club.

We ask our game management personnel and our game officials to continue our ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy towards any individual in courtside seating who engages in profanity, taunting or any threatening remarks or actions. The officials shall have the authority to remove the person(s) from the seat(s) and/or assess a technical foul to the home team.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. We are excited about the upcoming Temple Men’s Basketball season.