The Legends Society recognizes alumni & friends of Temple University who have contributed $100,000 or more in their lifetime to support Temple Athletics. Current members of the Legends Society are listed below.

Legends Society Giving Honors

Diamond Legend - $2,000,000
Platinum Legend - $1,000,000
Emerald Legend - $750,000
Golden Legend - $500,000
Silver Legend - $250,000
Crystal Legend - $100,000

Diamond Legends

Esther Boyer Griswold* H. F. and Marguerite Lenfest Donald and Nancy Resnick

Platinum Legends

Mrs. Joan H. Ballots* and Dr. John Ballots* Dr. George J. Edberg-Olson* Mr. Richard J. Fox and Ms. Geraldine Fox
Mr. Kent N. Jacocks Stanley and Audrey Merves Anthony and Christine McIntyre
Gilroy* and Lillian P. Roberts* Ann McKernan Robinson and David Noel Goodchild Armand I. Robinson, Esq.*

Emerald Legends

Mr. Dennis J. Alter Peter Chodoff, M.D.* Athole G. Jacobi, M.D.
Lewis Katz, Esq.* and Mrs. Marjorie Katz*    

Golden Legends

Mr. Wister S. Baisch and Mrs. Harriet H. Baisch Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. and Dr. Camille O. Cosby Holly and Timothy Coughlin
Kenneth and Lisa Ewell Cherifa Tassadit Nouri-Howarth and Greg Howarth Ms. Joan Saltzer
Mitchell I. Sonkin, Esq. and Debra Flink Sonkin    

Silver Legends

John J. Aglialoro and Joan P. Carter Bart and Jil Blatstein Daniel Boyce, Esq. and Shelley L. Boyce
Dr. Leroy M. Carl Mr. F. Eugene Dixon, Jr.* and Mrs. Edith Robb Dixon H. Barton and Elaine Greenspan
Danielle and Vahan Gureghian Sandra R. Harmon-Weiss, M.D. and Richard C. Weiss, D.M.D. Eddie and Trina Jones
Drew A. Katz and Rachel Katz Robert E. Leh, Jr. and Carol A. Leh Patrick and Linda Marion
Dr. Filomela Marshall and Joseph W. Marshall III, Esq. Mr. Aaron F. McKie William and Elizabeth Rinck
Nancy K. Maugel and Fred Silberman Rose Vernick*  

Crystal Legends

Robert and Patricia Aglira Ms. Emma M. Baker* James E. Beasley, Esq.*
Warren Bieler, D.D.S.* Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Doris Bitman Thomas Bunting, III and Caroline J. Bunting
Mr. Irwin Canter* Mrs. Ann Casale and Mr. Ernest Casale* Mr. Donald Cox Sr.
Mr. Richard Donnelly, Jr. John B. Early* George D. Evans, III and Marion Albertson Evans
Mrs. Pat Feather and William F. Feather* Sandy and Robin Goldfine Martin N. Gorman, D.D.S. and Nancy Gorman
Robert and Diane Gross Mr. John Hagopian* and Rose G. Hagopian Holden and Elizabeth Hummel
Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D. and JK Hunt Joseph J. Hutton* and Vera Hutton* Mr. Martin F. Jackson
Leonard and Linda Jacobs Edward Stanton Johnson, III and Irene Johnson Lawrence and Cathleen Keen
Donna J. Kelly, Ph.D. Mr. Joseph Francis Kissel Ken Kochenour
James M. Jolman and Amy M. Larovere Stanley A. Lefkowitz, Ph.D. and Debbie Kaplan Lefkowitz Mr. Andy Logue, III* and Mrs. Ruth Ann Logue
Wilfred H. Longsderff* Douglas and Frances Maine Mr. Franklin J. Marx*
M. Mark Mendel, Esq. Joseph and Tema Merback Shonna Rae Lyons Merrick and Gregory S. Merrick, M.D.
Mr. J. William Mills III and Mrs. Patti Riley Mills Dr. William Mlkvy Joseph G. Morelli, Ed.D. and Lisa J. Morelli
Dr. Hilarie Morgan and Mr. Mitchell Morgan George Norcross Patrick J. O'Connor, Esq. and Marie M. O'Connor
Mr. William C. Paynter* and Mrs. Simone Paynter Mr. Albert (Reds) Pearson* Arlene and Edward Plasky
Mr. Daniel H. Polett and Mrs. Margo Polett Dr. John W. Poole* and Mrs. Theresa F. Poole* Robert J. Praisner, D.D.S. and Wanda Schweizer Praisner
John Rector Mr. Dale L. Reese and Mrs. Patricia Hayden Reese Mr. Phillip C. Richards and Mrs. Susan Barbara Richards
John and Lynn Rickert Ms. Jennifer M. Robbins Frank T. Romanoski, Jr. and Roslyn S. Romanoski
Myer S. Shandelman* Mr. M. Thomas Sharpe, Jr. Robert and Kathleen Silk
Melissa Katz Silver Agnes L. Stegmuller* John S. Stevens, Jr., D.O. and Anita M. Stevens
Mr. John Timko, Jr.* Mr. Marc Wagner Sharon Pinkenson and Joseph H. Weiss, Esq.
Mr. John P. Wilcox*    

* Deceased